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Our Mission:


  • To enhance the love of Jewish learning and practice for all Jews, young and old, regardless of background or level of knowledge and observance.


  • To provide a place where Jews of any age will be noticed, appreciated and helped to strengthen themselves and their Yiddishkeit.


  • To provide mentoring and practical assistance to boys who have not found it elsewhere.

about the kollel

“To enhance the love of Jewish learning and practice

for all Jews,

young and old,

learned and novice,

regardless of background or level of observance."

What We Do

The Baltimore Community Kollel is a busy place.  In any given week somewhere around 200 people drop in to learn Torah through our various programs.  


The Rosh Kollel Rabbi Nesanel  Kostelitz, Rabbi Mordechai Bamberger, and the approximately seven yungeleit (full-time Kollel members) are present most days and evenings to connect and learn with anyone who comes in.  Other lecturers have their own schedules.  R’ Moshe Shuchman runs the Shabbos minyanim.


(And there is always coffee and cake).


What We Do – For Boys

Much of our focus is on young people.  


"I saw frum kids, 13 and 14 years old, who were going off the derech. I believed that these kids were just frustrated in school and looking for different avenues for satisfaction in their lives.  I felt that if I could make them feel successful there would be a better outcome.  So I created the kollel, a place where these kids could go not only to find a chavrusa who could help them succeed in school, but to feel comfortable, noticed and appreciated.”


Rabbi Mordechai Bamberger, Director


The kollel provides tutoring and chavrusas, as well as mentoring for boys.  


What We Do – For the Community

Community programs include classes, shiurim for seniors, a daf yomi shiur, and a regular minyan.  “The Kollel is a genuine makom Torah (place of Torah).  Regular dovening is serious, and not rushed.”  


The Rosh Kollel Harav Kostelitz is present to answer she’eilos (halachic questions) most days and evenings.


What We Do – For Individuals

“What can we do to help this person?”  This question animates the Kollel and leads to actions that address very specific needs.


For example, the Kollel has tutored and worked with a number of children with disabilities or weak educational backgrounds.  The kollel has made numerous Bar Mitzvos, Vorts and Sheva brachos over the years while many bar mitzvah boys put on their tefillin for the first time at the Kollel (with our traditional doughnut festivity).

We have also provided job placement services, shadchanus (introducing singles to each other), general counseling and mentoring.


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